I’m usually a very cheerful and happy person, well so i’d like to think, so its pretty shitty my first post is going to be so negative but this is something which frustrates me to the point i feel it needs to be shared.

I find it so stupid that some peoples arguments to resolve bullying is too take them out of school and make them start over. NO. Maybe you should just teach your kids not to be so crappy to other people. I know bullying is talked about a lot now that its at the point where people are getting bored of hearing the same old thing, but the point is its still happening because people don’t think the rules apply to them and continue doing what their doing, cussing people and making jokes about them. And no, bullying is never going to stop, its a fact, the same way you can’t stop racism or sexism because there are so many IGNORANT people in this world its just not possible, however sitting on your ass and watching bullying taking place isn’t going to help, is it?

My point is maybe if we as humans could give a bit more empathy for one another and actually tried to do something we would have less teenagers self harming or trying to commit suicide or make them give up everything they have to put an end to the torment they receive.

Okay, Rant over.